Practical Ways to Prevent Early Osteoporosis Effectively

Practical Ways to Prevent Early Osteoporosis Effectively
Practical Ways to Prevent Early Osteoporosis Effectively

Osteoporosis is indeed synonymous with diseases experienced by the elderly. Nevertheless, education and information about osteoporosis need to be known as early as possible. Practical ways to prevent early osteoporosis effectively is by increasing our bone density as early as possible when we were still young.

We must start to concern from children up to 35 years of age as the peak point of bone density. We need to consume enough calcium earlier so that bone density continues to rise until the age of 35. After 35 years old, it naturally began to decline, and the consummation of calcium will not be effective. During this time it was no longer increasing the bone density, but keeping the decline to sloping rather than sharply.

The denser our bones are, the greater the likelihood of avoiding bone loss in old age. That is why it is very important to consume foods with high calcium food such as milk.

In addition to the daily calcium requirement of around 600-1,000 mg that must be fulfilled properly, the next step is to keep moving, doing physical activities such as regular exercise.

Moving is needed to ensure the body’s metabolism runs well. The purpose of moving is to support the absorption of calcium consumed.

Today’s lifestyles tend to be minimal in motion compared to the previous generation who, from waking up to going back to sleep always fill with physical activities. Then the technology, not to mention means of transportation, and the habit of ordering food so that it is not necessary to bother buying it directly, inevitably reducing the portion of movement in modern society today.

In addition to moving minimally, another obstacle is the lack of willingness to spend time exercising regularly, as regularly as consuming calcium which should become a daily habit.

There are two causes of osteoporosis, namely primary (80 percent) and secondary (20 percent). One of the secondary factors is the consumption of drugs such as anti bone pain that contain steroid drugs on a regular basis, which can cause bone loss.

In primary osteoporosis, milk consumption will not be effective, it can only reduce the acceleration of having osteoporosis. A practical way to prevent osteoporosis that is effective early is by increasing our bone density as early as from the womb.

Calcium needs are also high in children. Not only calcium plays a role, but there is also vitamin D and phosphate. Osteoblasts as bone supporting cells need vitamin D and calcium to form bones.

In secondary osteoporosis, there must be sports activities. Those who are just sleeping and not actively moving will be more prone to osteoporosis. the character of the bone is that when it increasingly used, it will strengthen itself. The more it is not used, the more porous it will be because the calcium mineral decreases.

Osteoporosis is a silent disease that appears without certain symptoms. Suddenly a person got shorter because his spine was flat. Or when just a little bump, the bones are broken because they are brittle. Here are some of the symptoms that actually arise after osteoporosis occurs. Though to reach that stage, it must pass the stage called osteopenia – a condition of losing bone mineral substances. This is a light warning that you need to watch out for.

The category is the bone mass on BMD (Bone Mineral Density) examination if below -2.5 osteoporosis; -1 to -2.5 osteopenia; above -1.0 is normal.

Women over the age of 45 and men over 55 are most at risk of experiencing osteoporosis. Compared to men, women do have a greater risk of around 75:25 percent. This is related to woman hormonal factors.

Therefore it does not hurt to do a screening bone mineral density (BMD) or test the bone mineral to find out whether the position is normal osteopenia or even osteoporosis.

Osteopenia if between -1 and -2.5, depends on the borderline, towards up or down. when it’s down, you can start receiving drugs to treat osteoporosis because if not treated, it will continue to decline and fall to the stage of osteoporosis.

Meanwhile, if the borderline is towards up, it can still be prevented by giving calcium and moving a lot. For those who have osteopenia, they can choose a combination of low impact and high impact exercise, for example walking, swimming and cycling.

What should not be done in osteopenia is lifting heavy loads in a bent position, it’s better if you are squatting first, then lift the load. Incorrect body position can have a bad impact.

As for people with osteoporosis, the movement is limited. In this case, you can see the BMD, how much bone loss there is and the position, whether at the spine or at the long bones.

If the porous is in the spine, don’t lift a lot of heavy loads or doing hard exercise. For long bones, be careful not to bump to anything. Long bones that often experience it are the thighs and wrists.

Make sure the bathroom is not slippery because it will endanger old people. If they fall in the bathroom, they can get a hip fracture. This will cause a large risk of disability, as well as must buy expensive drugs, especially if you get a broken bone.

Bone surgery due to osteoporosis is not easy. Like a glass that falls with lots of debris like a puzzle, it will be very difficult to reunite it.

Porous bone falls are more difficult to overcome than a broken normal bone. In addition, because the bones are porous, it will be difficult to install the pen as a buffer. Even successful operations cannot guarantee. It could be when the patient starts walking, the bone breaks because of its porous condition. The risk of complications from surgery is also very high.

Prevention of osteoporosis depends on the cause. Whether it is genetic or congenital primary osteoporosis, an effective practical way to prevent osteoporosis early is by doing it since the mother is pregnant, by consuming very high calcium so that the child has very high bone stock in its body.

Naturally, calcium in a person’s body will decrease since the age of 30 with different speeds for each individual.

If the stock is low, the start to go down is already low. Conversely, if the stock is high, the tendency to decline will not reach osteoporosis.

For those who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, they are prohibited from doing strenuous exercise that can cause slipping or falling. It is advisable to choose moderate exercises such as swimming or walking.

So that is practical ways to prevent early osteoporosis effectively and other information about osteoporosis. Let this be useful information for you.

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