How to Have a Healthy and Harmony Life

How to Have a Healthy and Harmony Life
How to Have a Healthy and Harmony Life

How to Have a Healthy and Harmony Life. When it comes to being healthy, how do you determine what your true health is? Many of us will simply say, “I feel good.” The dictionary, however, does not say anything about health and feeling good.

Many disease entities are nothing more than a by-product of emotional stress, chemical stress, and physical stress that our bodies have to deal with every second of every day of our life.

Our body must be in harmony to be healthy. Even though most of us would agree with this concept, we still want to blame bad luck and bad genes every time something unhealthy or catastrophic pops up in our healthy profile: “It’s not my fault – my parents had the same thing,” or, “My kids or co-workers were sick and I got it from them.” It’s not the seed, it’s the soil, and it is high time for all of us to take responsibility for our health – or lack thereof.

How to Have a Healthy and Harmony Life

Let’s us think about this analogy for a moment, it’s called “the fish tank analogy to health.” Let’s say I have two fish tanks. One is the perfect environment: clean and pure water, proper filtration, good food source, free of toxins – a healthy environment.

The second tank is less than desirable: cloudy and toxic water, poor filtration, and unhealthy food –  a sick environment. I go shopping and find a nice, young family of fish who is genetically the same and bring them home, split them between the two tanks, and begin to observe them.

Several months later I begin to notice the fish in the healthy tank are thriving, growing, and reproducing. The fish in the bad tank is – you guessed it – sick. They are sluggish, not growing, and are developing tumors. I remove the poor, little sick fish and run them to the fish doctor for medicine and surgery to remove their tumors.

I returned them to convalesce in their toxic little tank, and this process goes on for several years. I just cannot understand why half of my fish have bad genes and are just unlucky to have poor health. How many doctors visits is it going to take to get these little guys healthy?

Although the care they receive is very helpful to control the crisis, I’m sure all of you recognize that the real way to get this fish healthy is to put them in an environmentally healthy tank. So, why do so many people spend their lives in the toxic tank and focus on crisis care? It is more expensive, takes more time, and robs you of the quality and quantity of life!

So now it’s time to ask, “What tank do I live in?” This brings us back to our title of ” How to Have a Healthy and Harmony Life.”  When we consider Harmony, it’s all about your nervous system.

There are two philosophies of health care in the world. The East believes in energy, and the West believe in matter. Of course, energy and matter exist together. Chiropractic’s (is a form of alternative medicine mostly concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine) intent is to harmonize the energy balance of your nervous system.

Scientists hypothesized that people with cancer would have a suppressed immune response to their environment. They studied 107 individuals who have received long term chiropractic case.

The chiropractic patients have 200% greater immune competence than those who had not received chiropractic care, and they have 400% greater immune competence than those with cancer or other serious diseases.

Despite a wide range of ages in this study, immune competence did not show any decline with age: it was uniform for the entire group.

It is concluded that “chiropractic may optimize whatever genetic abilities you have” so that you can fully resist serious disease. “We are very excited to see that without chemical intervention, this particular group of patients under chiropractic care did show a very improved response.”

So, how to have a healthy and harmony life? Get more informed. Learn all your options in being as healthy as you can, whether you are fighting for your life with a serious disease or you want to extend the quantity of your life with a higher quality of life.

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